Need an appraisal for an FHA-backed mortgage? Call REVARI (Real Estate Valuation and Research Inc.)

The FHA retains of approved appraisers for each state - REVARI (Real Estate Valuation and Research Inc.) is on the roster of approved appraisers for NH. We're certified and approved to do appraisal reports for FHA insured financial transactions. FHA's guidelines, documentation and policies may seem difficult to grasp, but the staff at REVARI (Real Estate Valuation and Research Inc.) is well-trained on how to comply with the rules and regulations provided.

If you're in need of an appraisal for an FHA loan, please contact us, and we'll be able to help you right away.

If your financial transaction is FHA approved, that means that it has been secured by the Federal Housing Administration, which is a branch of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). No part of the loan is provided by the FHA; what the FHA does is ensure that the loan is insured in case the borrower defaults on his or her loan obligations. Low-income and moderate-income consumers benefit from an FHA-backed financial transaction; the point of the Federal Housing Administration is to cooperate with credit-worthy consumers to meet expectations and necessities for lending organizations that they otherwise would not.

The rates on FHA loans are generally market rates, while down payment requirements are lower than for conventional loans. The loan programs that the FHA provides are exceedingly helpful to buyers with less starting income.